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How Long Does Invisalign® Treatment Take?

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How Long Does Invisalign Take | Invisalign Treatment Time | CDS

Are you thinking about aligning your smile with Invisalign but want to know how long it will take? Treatment time on Invisalign is specific to the patient, but generally, an average case takes about 12-18 months. On the other hand, Invisalign can align simpler cases in just 6 months. However, in this blog, we will discuss Invisalign treatment times and factors that determine your time for treatment.

Here we go!

Consultation and Planning

It all begins with an Invisalign consultation where you will be evaluated to see if you are a good candidate. Second is the planning stage – your teeth are photographed and impressions are taken for dental imaging software to create a unique treatment plan. Based on the computer-generated images of your virtual treatment plan, your dentist or orthodontist can then calculate the total time for full treatment.

What Impacts Invisalign Treatment Time?

  • The degree of alignment problems – Individuals with slight crowding or spacing that only requires minor adjustments to the position of a few teeth can be effectively straightened in as little as 6 months. More complicated cases, such as those with very crooked teeth or large overbites/underbites, can take significantly longer – up to 2 years.
  • The types of movements that are needed: Rotating and tipping teeth out into the correct position usually requires less time than those that must be moved more drastically up/down or pushed back into the jawbone for retraction.
  • Wear compliance – Wear Invisalign for 20 – 22 hours to fast results. If you skip days or do not wear them enough, then treatment will take more time.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

Invisalign works in stages, with new sets of tightening clear aligners issued approximately every two weeks:

  • Wear of aligners – New sets should be worn for the number of hours advised before progressing to the next set.
  • Appointments & monitoring – You will have regular appointments to assess the progress, receive additional aligners, and ensure that they are fitting correctly and moving teeth as planned.
  • Fine-tuning – The majority of patients require fine-tuning aligners after the initial set to rectify minor residual problems. This is reflected in the total treatment time.
  • Retainers – When the last aligners are worn, custom retainers are necessary to hold teeth in their corrected positions.



Things you can do to help support efficient Invisalign treatment:

  • Wear for 22 hours a day your aligners.
  • Remember to attend all your orthodontist appointments.
  • Maintain the highest possible level of hygiene and oral health while on treatment.
  • Do not eat very hot, hard, or sticky foods that can destroy the aligners


However, it takes 12 to 18 months to see results for Invisalign treatment. Nevertheless, your dentist will be able to provide a more accurate timeframe considering your specific issues with the alignment. While treatment duration can differ. Just remember that Invisalign offers the benefit of being removable, meaning you can straighten your smile while still eating all the foods that make you happy.

If you want more information then contact Senova Dental Studios and book an appointment with an expert to learn more about Invisalign treatment.

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